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Avid Carp Basecamper Overwrap


AVID Basecamper Overwrap

This clever design not only extends the overall coverage of the Base Camper bivvy, but it also features the Velcro straps as featured on the retention bars, so they can be used for your rods just like when using the Base Camper bivvy without the outer wrap. 


10,000mm waterproof outer material

Extends the overall coverage of the Base Camper bivvy

Reinforced pegging loops that match up with the Base Camper bivvy

Rear vent with mosquito panel underneath the waterproof fabric

Front door features mosquito panel behind the outer waterproof fabric

Letter box style opening option

Outer velcro loops match up with Rod retention bars underneath, so you still have somewhere to put your fishing rods when the overwrap is in use.

OVERWRAP: H 1.5m x W 2.75m x D 2.5m

BAG: H 50cm x W 35cm x D 15cm

WEIGHT: 2.5kg