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Expander pellets are one of the biggest selling and widely used hook baits available to the modern commercial fishery angler. There are numerous brands on the market claiming there’s are better than the rest but in all honesty, the majority of expander pellets are exactly the same product being supplied by one major pellet producer to numerous other bait companies. Getting the best out of these expanders is a precise skill and finding the best preparation process when on the bank to create perfect hook baits that are moist, soft and sink, yet still strong enough to handle being shipped out without splitting or ripping off the hook is a nightmare at the best of time.

To make life that little bit easier, Bag'em Matchbaits have now released the Easy Expander Pellets. Described by the Northamptonshire based bait company as being “a new and improved expander pellet of the highest quality available, that produce perfect hook baits every time”.

A big reputation to live up to but after the UKMA team tested them on the bank we can confirm they are spot on. Unlike many others we have used, these latest offering once pumped, can be poured straight into a bait tub and even after being left submerged in water for three hours plus, they still have enough strength to hold the hook perfectly.


Final Thoughts

The Easy Expander Pellets are as good of an expander pellet as I have used.  These quality expanders produce consistent hook baits that have enough strength and durability to handle being shipped out at speed, giving you the angler the piece of mind that they will not come off the hook, which is critical in match fishing situations.