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Baitbox TROUT 6-7" x 3-4


Trout will need little introduction to most predator anglers. We source all of our trout from the highest quality fish farms, where the quality of the fish is second to none. 


Trout have quite a tough and dense body, making them ideal for long range fishing and repeated casting. This makes them ideal for trotting baits in rivers and for fishing sink and draw style, as well as ledgering and float fishing in stillwaters.

Trout are also one of our favourite baits to use under a drifter float, because there bold outline makes them very visible to any pike laying up underneath, and their tough skin means they take repeated retrieves from long range better than most baits. 

Trout are also a popular choice on any venue where the pike are used to feeding on natural salmon and trout, but their appeal is much wider than this and we have found that they can be equally effective on venues that do not have a stock of salmonids. 


Naturally quite buoyant, you can ensure that trout sink by puncturing the swimbladder. 


Trout also make a great catfish bait, and either on the lake bed or popped-up using the Pike Pro bait poppers, they have accounted for some seriously big cats. 

These medium 6&rdquo trout are ideal for a wide range of different applications. we recommend mounting them on a size 6 Pike Pro twin treble trace. Ideal for long range fishing, they are also ideal for fishing on a paternoster rig up in the water, particularly in rivers.