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Drennan Supplex Mono - 100m - All Sizes


Monofilament falls into two distinct categories. The first is stuff thats long life, tough, abrasion resistant, and doesnt damage easily. Unfortunately, its prone to be springy and come off the reel in coils. The second category is extremely supple and limp and very easy to manage both on the reel and in casting, but it tends to be soft and more prone to damage.


Amazingly, Supplex Monofilament has the best of both. It`s incredibly supple, (that`s how it gets it`s name!) but at the same time, it`s tough, long lasting, abrasion resistant and not prone to damage, including shot damage.


Supplied on 100m spools and available in the following breaking strains:


  • 3lb (1.36kg) - 0.14mm.
  • 4lb (1.8kg) - 0.16mm.
  • 5lb (2.27kg) - 0.18mm.
  • 6lb (2.72kg) - 0.20mm.
  • 8lb (3.63kg) - 0.23mm.
  • 10lb (4.54kg) - 0.26mm.
  • 12lb (5.45kg) - 0.28mm.
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