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GP 23A A23 MN21 Batterie |Product code(s): MN21, A23s, GP23A, AG23, L10


Product Descripion

the GP 23A High Voltage Alkaline Battery is a small, cylindrical, 12 volt battery rated at a nominal capacity of 55mAh. Measuring just 10.22mm in diameter and 28.5mm in height, this small and light but powerful battery is used in many small electronic devices, especially in remote control devices such as car alarm remotes, toys and garage door openers, where the battery's relatively high voltage ensures better radio frequency transmission between the controller and its receiving device.

Utilising alkaline chemistry, and engineered to a high quality standard by respected manufacturer, GP Batteries, the GP 23A battery, also known as MN21, is long lasting and will perform well in a wide range of operating conditions. The batteries also have a shelf life of around three years, and, being sold in a strip of five individually detachable batteries, any that are not immediately used, can be safely stored until needed.