Novices are always welcomed and great advice on 
tackle and fishing methods is always given.

Coppull Anglers


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GP CR123A Lithium Battery | 1 Pack Product code(s): CR123A, CR17345, 123, CR1734


Product Description

Presented in single-product pack, this powerful GP CR123A Lithium Battery has been designed primarily to meet the superior performance needs of high-tech contemporary photography equipment, such as digital cameras and flash units, but it's also suitable for use in other compatible devices, such as torches and wireless alarm systems.

This disposable 3V cell has a nominal capacity of 1400mah to 1500mah and can deliver long-lasting, reliable power in extreme weather conditions, functioning effectively at temperatures ranging from as low as -40°C to as high as 60°C. It also features an in-built safety mechanism.

Made using lithium manganese dioxide chemistry, this cylindrical GP CR123A cell boasts a high output rate, an extremely low self-discharge rate and a superb shelf life of up to ten years. Measuring 34.5mm tall and with a diameter of 16.8mm, it weighs 20g.