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GP Super Alkaline LR1 Batteries | 2 Pack Product code(s): MN21, A23s, GP23A, AG2


Product Description

Available in a blister pack of two, GP LR1 'N' Super Alkaline Batteries are cylindrical, single use, 1.5 volt batteries. Lightweight and measuring just 28mm in length with a diameter of 10mm, they are suitable for use in a wide variety of devices, and are especially useful for powering small, handheld remote controllers such as key fobs, alarm activators and garage door openers.

Produced by GP to the high quality standards expected of the company's 'Super Alkaline' range of batteries, the GP LR01 performs exceptionally well. The battery's output is long lasting, and its extremely low self-discharge rate combined with a superior leak-resistant design ensures optimal performance whether put to use at the time of purchase or kept as a spare for up to seven years.

The GP LR1 'N' Super Alkaline Battery can also be used to replace batteries of identical voltage and dimensions including those labelled as MN9100 and R1