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GP Ultra Alkaline C LR14 Batteries | 2 Pack


Product Description

The GP C LR14 Ultra Alkaline Batteries in this two-piece pack will provide high-drain gadgets with the energy they need. Reliable and high-quality, they are ideal options for anyone looking for high performance cells to power compatible electronic toys, torches, radios and other portable devices.

Manufactured using alkaline manganese chemistry, and reassuringly mercury and cadmium-free, these 1.5V cells are safe and practical. Cylindrical in shape, each of these batteries is 50mm tall, with a diameter of 26.2mm, and weighs approximately 60g.

Suitable for use as replacements for LR14, 4014, R14, KC, AM-2, AM2, BABY, E93 and MN1400 batteries, these C Ultra Alkaline cells from GP are conveniently disposable, but have a generous typical service life, so you can ensure your battery-powered devices keep running for longer.