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Skyraider & Dropzone Marker Float Pack

- A kit featuring a complete marker-float setup
- Stem features ultra-buoyant foam section for use in weed
- Packs also contain buffer beads and 3oz and 4oz Probe leads
- Great for long-range marker work

Our spod & marker pack has been assembled for your convenience. Each pack contains a long-range Skyraider spod and one of our acclaimed Dropzone marker floats.


- Long-distance bait rocket
- Baiting at 150 yards is possible in the right hands
- Curved fins give stable flight
- Large holes allow bait to flush quickly

Never before has carp fishing seen such an aerodynamic, long-distance bait rocket. This will put yards on your spodding capability and in the hands of any good
caster 150 yards is easily possible. It has a tapered design making it nose-heavy for a streamlined flight.

This truly will become recognised as the ultimate long-distance spod. Its curved fins give it true stability in flight and help keep it in the air for as long as possible. Like the Skyliner, the Skyraider also has the large-profile holes making it just as quick to empty, and as easy to retrieve.

As with all our spods, we recommend you mix in some groundbait or pellets into your mix. This will enable you to compact the mix into the spod to eliminate any spillage

Mini Skyliner

- A mini version of our Skyliner spod
- Perfect for baiting with minimal disturbance
- Weighs only 3oz when full
- Can be cast on a normal carp rod

Following the unrivalled success of our original Skyliner it was inevitable that we would release a smaller brother to go with it. A more robust, buoyant and effective product you would be hard pushed to find.

This is a spod that can introduce any newcomer to spodding, as it does not require specialist spodding equipment to cast it. Full of bait it weighs no more than 3oz, which means normal carp rods of 2.5lb TC will be able to cast this spod comfortably, to ranges of up to 80 yards. Unlike other mini spods, which fly badly and don’t release bait very well, this is perfectly aerodynamic and with all the characteristics of the original Skyliner it will release bait with consummate ease.
Specialist and match anglers have already been putting these through their paces with fantastic results.