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tackle and fishing methods is always given.

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Cream Seed Boilies
Ingredients deliberately sourced to provide a broad array of nutritional and attractive properties. Incorporating a blend of refined milk proteins, an exclusive combination of milled seeds and pulses and a host of diverse nut derivatives. All balanced to ensure it offers a complete food source all year round.


Cream Seed Stickmix
This highly soluble, quick breakdown stickmix, contains the exclusive Cream Seed nutritional and attractive ingredients. PVA friendly and ready to use straight from the bag. Due to the complex array of ingredients used, the mix is slightly moist and can be tightly compressed, yet still break down within moments of being submerged.

Available in 1kg resealable bags


Cream Seed Liquid Food

Manufactured entirely from natural nutritious liquids, soluble sweeteners and our exclusive milk taste-enhancer, this completely PVA friendly liquid boasts an endless list of applications. It can be used in all conditions and due to the dense, soluble ingredients it will ‘hug’ the bottom, releasing a stream of attraction.

Available in 250ml bottles


Cream Seed Pop-Ups
Utilising a buoyancy aid that’s not normally used within the bait industry due to its higher cost we have managed to incorporate the same nutritional and attractive groups of ingredients that make the Cream Seed range so effective without compromising on buoyancy. Super buoyant, needle friendly Pop-Ups that will stay popped up indefinitely.

Available in 200ml tubs – 14mm/18mm


Cream Seed Boosted Hookbaits
These highly concentrated hookbaits are smothered in an enhanced formula to create a powerful, instant attract hookbait option. Used as a stand-alone hookbait or in conjunction with other Cream Seed products, these hookbaits will create an intense focal point of attraction. The ultra tough skin provides a barrier against nuisance species yet still remains soluble.

Available in 200ml tubs – 14mm/18mm