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Avid Pindown Unleaded Leader £12.99


The ultimate leader material

Pin Down Unleaded Leader

After looking at the leaders that were already available on the market, we believed there was considerable room for improvement.

Our aim was to develop a fast sinking, super-supple leader material that would follow every contour on the lake bed. After tirelessly testing a variety of different weird andwonderful materials, we eventually found what we were looking for, and the Pin Down was created.

It's just as heavy as leadcore and boasts similar abrasion resistance qualities, but it doesn't have any wire running through the center of it, so it's super supple and will hug every contour on the lake bed. It boasts a much lower diameter than most leadcores, so it's inconspicuous on the bottom.

Even though it has a low profile, this great alternative to leadcore is easy to splice and will never let you down. It’s strong, has great abrasion resistance properties and you can even tie knots in it. If you’re looking for a versatile leader, pin it down with Pin Down.

Available in 45lb and 65lb breaking strains and weed/silt or gravel/clay




Push a splicing needle through the middle of the Pin Down leader material.



Push needle through the end of the leader material and close the gate on the splicing needle.



Carefully pull the end of the material through the centre of the leader.



Push a baiting tool through the loop and pull apply some pressure.



Finally, blob the tag end with a lighter and a blob of super glue to secure the knot.

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