Novices are always welcomed and great advice on 
tackle and fishing methods is always given.

Coppull Anglers


144 Spendmore Lane

TEL: 01257 794040


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Mini Stick Needle

  • A very strong, low diameter lip close needle
  • Engineered to the perfect length
  • Use with all but the longest PVA mesh sticks and stringers
  • Micro-engineered gate closes to allow smooth passage back through the bait when pierced
  • Nite Glo handle with purple inserts

Braid Needle

  • A strong, fine-wire needle with a low profile safety barb
  • Contained within the tip to reduce the chance of a frayed hair or split bait
  • Excellent for small and/or soft baits
  • Nite Glo handle with magenta inserts

Splicing Needle

  • An ultra-fine, lip-close splicing needle
  • Designed to be used with any sliceable leader or hooklink material
  • Also excellent for hair-rigging small soft baits
  • Such as sweetcorn, 10mm boilies and soft pellets
  • Nite Glo handle with yellow inserts

Lip Close Needle

  • A superb general purpose baiting needle
  • Perfect for most situations
  • The micro-engineered gate closes
  • Ensures smooth passage back through the bait when pierced
  • Also excellent for threading hook links through short PVA mesh bags
  • Nite Glo handle with orange inserts

Boilie Needle

  • A great general purpose baiting needle
  • Smooth crooked head and non-tapered body
  • Essential for hair-rigging large baits
  • Such as boilies, pellets and luncheon meat
  • Nite Glo handle with green inserts