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Ringers Pellet Wafters - 6 & 8mm Available


These 6mm & 8mm pellets "waft" as they are bouyant and are designed to be balanced with the Guru QM1 size 14 hook for perfect presentation. Loved by skimmers and carp, they will also be attractive to most species of coarse fish. Shaped like a mini dumbell boilie, they can be easily banded or hair rigged.

  • Available in 6mm & 8mm
  • Dumbell shaped.
  • Perfect for banding or hair rigging.
  • Realistic natural pellet colour.
  • Can be glugged and flavoured.
  • Supplied in a handy screw top tub.
  • The 8mm wafters just sink under the weight of a QM1 size 12 or MWG size 14 hook.
  • The 6mm wafters are designed to be balanced with a size 16 QM1 Hook
  • Makes a great method feeder bait or, better still, pellet waggler hookbait!
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