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Rotary Uptrace kit pack of 2.

SKU: Q26

Cut off a 60cm length of trace wire and attach a swivel to one end and crimp in place. Next slide on a rig sleeve facing down the trace followed by the rotart uptrace swivel and a second rig sleeve facing up the trace. Crimp the rotary swivel in place.

Crimp a second swivel to the top of the trace and fix the rig sleeves over the two swivels. Attach your weak lead link to the bottom of the trace using the link clip. 

An uptrace is an absolute neccesity when using paternsoter rigs to avoid the possibility of bite-offs occurring. The Rotary Uptrace Kit provides all of the components you need to make two uptraces when used with our 45lb Trace Wire (not included).


Pack includes:

Two Rotary Uptrace Swivels with Coastlocks

Two Swivels

Two link clips

Eight Rig Sleeves

Four Crimps

Full instructions included.