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Sensas Crazy Bait Groundbaits - Different Flavours


The No.1 selling range of carp groundbaits.

Specially blended from high quality pellet, fishmeal and stimulants they have produced phenomenal results in commercial carp competitions. Can also be quickly moulde into the perfect soft paste.

Demands for even more concentrated and potent groundbait has led us to develop Crazy bait Gold with its unique double fish flavour the ricest and most powerful attractor yet produced.

Green Gold
Based on the unique Gold formula, the green coloured mix is highly effective on heavy fished waters where carp are super aware to regular baits.

A blend with proven carp attractors, mussel and Squid has incredible pulling power. The dark colour encourages even the cagiest of fish to feed with confidence.

Monster Carp
Designed to catch craftier and wiser bigger fish,its larger granular particles prevents quick dispersal by small fish and big fish to gain selfconfidence.

Shrimp and Fishmeal
Superb flavoured carp attractor easily mixes on its own, or as part of your favourite method mix, or paste. A truly all round carp and big fish attractor.

High energy bait formulated to give the highest performance of quality fishmeal, feed enhancers, amino acids and the fatty acids a big fish formula.

Sweet Strawberry
Very effective particularly in summer when fish favour a sweeter mix, used with sweetcorn or meat, very good for F1s, carp, bream and particularly tench.

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